Friday, January 10, 2014

Dogs in Coats!

Three men huddle around a fire for warmth on a wintry night
As we descend deeper into this harsh New Delhi winter (low of 41, high of 61), the elements have really taken a toll on the people. The guards are huddled around their makeshift garbage fires for warmth, people are bundled up in ski masks and scarves; it seriously looks like they are heading to a Packers game at Lambeau Field in January.

But you know who I feel sorriest for? Our furriest friends-- the dogs. The dogs here have it ruff. (Pun intended. Hey-o!) Many of them are also bundled up in doggy coats to handle the bitter New Delhi cold. Since people seem to really like lists of pictures of dogs (seriously, does Buzzfeed do anything else?) and I'm always willing to shamelessly pander to the masses to try and increase traffic to ye olde blogge, I have done some intrepid photojournalism to capture the latest in Delhi doggy couture.

Without further ado...

 1. Here we have Sparky modeling a lovely tartan flannel jacket to help him weather these chilly 50 degree days. The colors show he belongs to the MacGruff clan from the  Scottish highlands.  This 100% wool blend keeps the body heat in and wicks away any moisture. That thick layer of shiny black fur just is no match for this Delhi winter!


2. This is Gizmo. Gizmo is homeless. He lives on the street. He eats garbage. Some kind soul took pity on Gizmo and gave him a fetching navy blue jacket with red trim to help him cope with his hard life. Looking into his eyes, they say, "Life's not so tough now. I was starving before. I'm still starving, but now I'm warm. Thank you kind soul for this lush, soothing cotton flannel in a pure and unmistakable Navy Blue."


 3. Next up is Chief. Tartan is the style of the season for pups in Delhi! You see Chief has chosen a fun and festive artfully hand crafted number in True Red. This rugged coat offers a striking contrast to the solid black jacket of his human accessory. Notice Mr. Dog Walker's cap matches Chief's coat! It's the details that make fashion, folks! 

4. Burnt orange and mustard yellow are back! We see Rover, sleeping on a sunny sidewalk in a retro Pucci-esque number reminiscent of 1977. Soft cotton with a touch of wool for a vintage feel. You can see members of Rover's pack in the background.  This coat tells them who's in charge. You do you, Rover! You do you. 

5. Stinky is modeling a soft and cozy, slightly arousing, possibly illegal jersey coat. Navy with red piping is a perfect blend of elegance and whimsy. The belt adds an athletic touch and allows Sparky to stay warm while he runs through the chilly Delhi streets.

 6. Here's your one shot, Fancy, don't let me down! This innocent red frock has something that's not innocent at all--touchability. Long style with a shawl collar, this suit goes all the way down to Fancy's tail, for modesty, but the rounded cuffs with contrast piping give a peekaboo effect, showing off her flirtatious side. 

7. Randy, Sandy, and Andy are like the Destiny's Child of Delhi dogs. Like Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle, they coordinate their coats before they hit the town and make a splash when they walk along the Poo River. Heads turn when these three walk by! Sandy and Andy's bright red fleeces with doggy bone patterns are sophisticated and sexy. They pop next to Randy's muted red tartan with a black underlay. They may have different personalities, but together they make beautiful music. Woof woof!

8. Kevin's duty is to protect pallets of soda. Not rain nor snow nor dead of night can stop him from fulfilling his duty. This rugged cotton coat with a broad tartan pattern fits like a second skin. He can run, jump, stretch, and lick all necessary body parts with ease. Most importantly, it keeps him warm so the sub-zero temperatures don't distract him from chasing away would-be soda thieves.

10. This is the original doggy coat. Considered even by the Indians as India’s finest. Beautifully handmade from over 2 pounds of soft, luxurious polyester. Thick quilted pattern front and back. Ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem. Aged velcro fastiner keeps Senorita as snug as a bug in a rug.

 11. Bud, a former star in basketball and football, may have retired from sports, but he still has enough moves to show the li'l pups what's up.  His go-to slanket-vest is 100% cotton and comes in a sumptuous green and yellow checkered pattern. Bud really makes the colors of his coat pop by accessorizing with an Indian lady in a red sari, who he brings with him every time he leaves the house.

I have more pictures of dogs in coats, of course, but I think I'll stop with 11. It's tough to beat Air Bud.

You may be wondering what my own pup is wearing to fight off the cold. As somewhat of a doggy coat fashionista and critic, it's only natural that I would dress my own dog in some chic get up.  Well, dear Reader, I've thought about it, but decided to stick to a minimalist wardrobe for Aloo. You'll see below Aloo wears a beautiful pink dog collar made of the finest rayon with silver puppy shaped accents. She is accompanied by her human, Mr. ATK.

Mr. ATK and Aloo wait as I photograph dogs in coats.

 *Disclaimer: All dogs pictured in this blog post have had their names changed to protect their anonymity. Jacket descriptions inspired by the J. Peterman catalog, which is apparently a real thing and not just a hilarious made-up catalog on Seinfeld.

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