Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Russian is done, Man!

I never can resist a throwback to Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead.  

So, even after changing the name of ye olde blogge to reflect my current location, I have not written a word for about six months. Sorry about that. But now that I have successfully mastered the Russian language* and completed this year's fantasy football draft, I have some free time to catch you all up on the ATKs' exciting 6 months in Arlington, VA.

First, let me address the critical question that I know is on your minds, How awesome is my fantasy football team? Well, it's not too bad, though I'm always apprehensive. I got a B from ESPN and a passing grade from them is usually the kiss of death. I always forget that the people in my league draft back up tight ends, so I got stuck with Antonio Gates as, like, 24 TEs went off the board before I even picked one.  I just hope the RGIII returns to 2012 levels** and this is not the year Frank Gore turns to dust.