Friday, January 31, 2014

Dogs in Coat: The Winner

This is clearly the best dog in a coat in India. A puppy with a tilak? Swoon. I've seen nicer coats, however.

(A tilak is the stripe on his forehead.)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Dogs in Coats!

Three men huddle around a fire for warmth on a wintry night
As we descend deeper into this harsh New Delhi winter (low of 41, high of 61), the elements have really taken a toll on the people. The guards are huddled around their makeshift garbage fires for warmth, people are bundled up in ski masks and scarves; it seriously looks like they are heading to a Packers game at Lambeau Field in January.

But you know who I feel sorriest for? Our furriest friends-- the dogs. The dogs here have it ruff. (Pun intended. Hey-o!) Many of them are also bundled up in doggy coats to handle the bitter New Delhi cold. Since people seem to really like lists of pictures of dogs (seriously, does Buzzfeed do anything else?) and I'm always willing to shamelessly pander to the masses to try and increase traffic to ye olde blogge, I have done some intrepid photojournalism to capture the latest in Delhi doggy couture.

Without further ado...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2 years in India... in movies

I love movies.*

And I love going to the movies.

Ironically (or perhaps not ironically), I don't really care for movies about how awesome movies are (I'm looking at you The Artist and Hugo.)**

During the course of our two years in India, we have gone to the movies quite a bit. Not as frequently as I do back home, but it's still an enjoyable past time here. We've probably seen all the movies we are going to see in the theaters here before we leave (unless Anchorman 2 comes to India. We would definitely go see Anchorman 2.) Assuming we've seen everything we're going to see, I thought I'd steal a page out of noted movie enthusiast (and friend of the ATKs) Yong Chang's book and review the movies we saw these past two years. Honestly, though, I'm really going to focus on the movie going experience more than the movies themselves. I mean, these aren't exactly obscure arthouse movies I'm talking about here. There were the major-est of all the major blockbusters. Yet almost every time, it seemed some new interesting/annoying thing happened.